Quick Bit About Me
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What's up! I'm Nicole Tompkins, a professional actress and photographer in Los Angeles!

Because I am active in the industry, I know how important it is to have the perfect head shot!  Your headshots must reflect YOU, currently.  Show up for an audition with a different look than they saw and. . . well, it's bad. 

With a tuned eye and personal experience discovering what does and doesn't work, I focus my attention on capturing the shot that is wholly and truthfully you! Not only does your head shot need to look like you, but it needs to grab casting in such a way that demands their attention.

Having discovered the importance of using the right headshots, I decided to put my behind-the-camera experience to use and capture my fellow actors in their best light.  

Photo sessions with me are relaxed and fun, with the strategy that "We'll shoot until we have it!"

Check out my IMDb or follow my personal account on social media @nikileetompkins

Stay chill and thanks for stopping by!